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Temporary Judge ProgramTemporary Judge Program


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Temporary Judge Program
The Los Angeles Superior Court currently has one of the largest on going volunteer/intern services in the nation. The Court implemented its volunteer/internship program in July, 1982. The volunteer/internship programs average 8,000 hours a month and over 96,000 hours annually. The Court currently has more than 3,400 volunteers/interns in 30+ programs contributing over 270,000 hours per year. The Superior Court Out-Reach (SCOR) Program is an example of a collaborative team effort providing positive results for everyone it serves including judicial officers, court administration, staff, volunteers/interns and our community.

The Temporary Judge Program in the LASC has been highly effective thanks to the participation of dedicated Bar members. The contribution temporary judges make to the people of Los Angeles County in general and the LASC in particular cannot be underestimated.

Temporary Judges serve at the discretion of the Presiding Judge and must be members of the California State Bar in good standing for 10 years. They must complete an application for each three year term and receive training outlined in Rule 2.812, California Rules of Court.

Neither appointment nor service as a temporary judge creates any employment relationship with the Court.

Panel attorneys may also be appointed as counsel, guardians ad litem, referees, special masters, court experts or fiduciaries as may be mandated or appropriate under the circumstances.