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Reserve Court Date
Reserve Court Date

You can reserve your court date online if you are eligible.
First you must read the User Agreement for Online Services and select “I agree” if you wish to continue.
You will then need the citation[G] number on your ticket[G]. You will:
  • Select the court where your ticket is assigned
  • Select the law enforcement agency[G] that issued your ticket
  • Enter the citation number from your ticket
  • Enter your birth date
Your ticket information and eligible online options will appear. Select the Court Date Reservation option if it is shown. Your choices can include:
  • Morning (AM)
  • Afternoon (PM)
  • Night court (if available)
  • No preference
You can use Search by Driver’s License if you do not have your citation number. You can select your ticket from the list and proceed by selecting the Court Date Reservation option if it is shown.
Print your confirmation when you have completed your transaction.
You should retain the confirmation notice for your records. It is your proof that you have reserved your court date.
Reserve your court date if you are eligible using Online Services Reserve Court Date.
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