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Filing Court Locator
To search for the Superior Court district and courthouse where your case belongs, enter your search criteria in either the 'City/Community' or 'Zip Code' or both fields, and press the 'SEARCH' button.  Please note that results of your search may differ according to whether you have an 'Unlimited Civil' case (including claims over $25,000, Family and Probate cases), or a 'Limited Civil' case (including claims for $25,000 or less, Unlawful Detainer and Small Claims). Please also be aware that adjustments in caseload distributions in the San Fernando Valley and East Los Angeles areas, and in the North Central District may require your civil or probate case to be filed or heard in a different district than that indicated by this locator. If your case is from these areas, you should check with the Clerk's Office in order to be sure you have the correct information.

To obtain a list of Cities/Communities assigned to a courthouse in a district, click on the down arrow located to the right of the 'Filing District / Courthouse' field, select a courthouse in the district, and press the 'SEARCH' button.

The fact that the address you select happens to fall within a particular district location does not necessarily mean your case is or must be assigned to that district. Criteria for assignment of cases to court locations can be found in Chapter Two, Local Rules.

Caution: Please be aware that a mailing address may not be a proper indicator of true geographic location. Mailing addresses sometimes use the name of a nearby community where the post office is located, instead of the actual city or unincorporated area where the case originated. If you are unsure about the true name of the community in which an address is located, you should consult a map or other resource that accurately shows municipal boundaries, such as a current Thomas Guide. Click here to locate and identify names of unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County and to find the zip code for an address.

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