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Small Claims
Small Claims Court handles Civil cases asking for $10,000.00 or less. It is a special court where disputes are resolved quickly and inexpensively. Rules are simplified and the hearing is informal. There are no lawyers, no rules of evidence, and no juries. You don’t need to be a United States citizen to file or defend a case in Small Claims Court.
Some examples of problems that can be handled in Small Claims Court are:
  • Your landlord will not return your security deposit
  • Your car was damaged and the person responsible will not pay for repairs
  • Your new TV does not work and the store will not repair it
  • Your tenant damaged your property and the security deposit will not cover the full costs of repair
  • Your friend will not pay back the money you loaned them
General Information
Your overall guide to the Small Claims starts here. These sections will take you through the entire Small Claims process.
Get Help
You can get help with your Small Claims Case. You will find help is available online and with Small Claims advisors.
Small Claims Forms
You will find links to the forms you need to file your case. A list of Small Claims local forms you can use with your Los Angeles Superior Court case is also found here.
Small Claims Fees
You will find the current fee schedule for all types of Los Angeles Superior Court cases.
Small Claims Locations
You can find the courthouse closest to you that will handle Small Claims cases.
Court Rules
You will find the court rules that are used only in the Los Angeles Superior Court.
Online Services
You can do the initial filing of your Small Claims case online.
Case Summary
You can get a summary of your case. All you need is your case number.
Case Calendar
You can access up to 14 days of the court calendar to find your court date.
Filing Court Locator
You can find your filing location using a zip code.
Court Date Calculator
You can find the number of court days from the date you enter.
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