Civil Forms
You will find links to the forms you need to file your Civil case. A list of Los Angeles Superior Court Civil Local Forms you can use with your Los Angeles Superior Court case is also found here.
The forms may be viewed and printed from this web site by using Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5.0 or later is required). If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download the application for free from Adobe's Web Site.
Judicial Council of California Forms

Judicial Council forms can be used in every Superior Court in California. Judicial Council forms always have "Judicial Council of California" printed in the bottom left corner of the first page.
For a list of all Judicial Council Civilforms and access to those forms, go to the California Courts website.
Los Angeles Superior Court Forms

The Civil forms listed below are local forms[G] that can only be used with Los Angeles Superior Court cases.
Form NameInformationForm IDRevised DateFillable
Affidavit for Order for Appearance and Examination of a Third Person LACIV05701/2007YES
Affidavit of Identity and Order LACIV19801/2007YES
Affidavit Of Predjudice Peremptory Challenge To Judicial Officer (C.C.P., § 170.6) LACIV01501/2007YES
Amendment to Complaint Sec. 474 C.C.P LACIV10501/2007YES
Application and Order Regarding Lost Writ LACIV10601/2007YES
Application and Order to Serve Summons by Posting for UD LACIV10701/2007YES
Application & Order to Vacate Stay of Execution & to Issue Writ LACIV05401/2007YES
Application & Order to Withdraw Exhibits LACIV03701/2007YES
Application for Issuance of Writ of Possession or Sale LACIV09601/2007YES
Application for Publication LACIV10801/2007YES
Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum and Statement of Location LACIV10903/2011YES
Clerk’s Certificate of Satisfaction of Judgment LACIV04009/2013YES
Clerk’s Notice of Filing Fees Required LACIV16809/2013YES
Commission LACIV13109/2013YES
Complex Civil Case Questionnaire LACIV21109/2012YES
Declaration and Order
RE: Advance Jury Fees
Declaration Of Mailing LACIV14309/2008YES
Declaration Re: Waived Court Fees And Costs LACIV22208/2009YES
Exhibit List LACIV13701/2007YES
Exhibit List - Trial LACIV21609/2008YES
Instructions for Applications And Orders For Publication
Civil, Probate And Family Law Cases
Stanley Mosk Courthouse
Informal Discovery Conference LACIV09404/2011YES
Informal Discovery Conference for PI Courts LACIV23907/2014YES
Instructions for Completing Notice of Appeal - Parking CIV00601/2005NO
Joint Witness List - Exemplar LACIV21709/2008YES
Judgment on Special Verdict LACIV19904/2007YES
Jury Instruction (Blank) LACIV16401/2007YES
Jury Instruction - Special Instruction (Blank) LACIV12901/2007YES
Long Cause Trial Package Guidelines LACIV21809/2008NO
Motion/Opposition/Stipulation to Transfer Complicated PI Case to IC Court and Order LACIV23805/2013YES
Name Change Criminal History Assessment LACIV22610/2009YES
Notice of Appeal - Administrative Hearing LACIV23209/2013YES
Notice of Appeal - Parking LACIV00509/2013YES
Notice of Entry of Judgment / Dismissal / Other Orders LACIV12301/2007YES
Order Appointing Court Approved Reporter LACIV23705/2012YES
Order For Publication LACIV14501/2007YES
Proof Of Service - Administrative Hearing LACIV23409/2013YES
Request For Copies LACIV03309/2008YES
Request For Enforcement of Order for Restitution / Judgment Pursuant to Penal Code Section 1214 LACIV20209/2007YES
Request For Enforcement Of Summary Judgment Pursuant To Penal Code Section 1306 LACIV21209/2008YES
Request For Entry Of Judgment, Judgment, And Notice Of Entry Of Judgment - Business And Professions Code Section 12015.3 LACIV10009/2013YES
Request For Entry Of Judgment, Judgment, And Notice Of Entry Of Judgment - By The State Bar LACIV19609/2013YES
Request For Entry Of Judgment, Judgment, And Notice Of Entry Of Judgment – Labor Code Section 5806 And Issuance Of A Writ Of Execution And/Or Other Enforcement LACIV21509/2013YES
Request For Entry Of Judgment, Judgment, And Notice Of Entry Of Judgment - Public Resources Code Section 45014(C) LACIV08709/2013YES
Request For Entry Of Judgment, Judgment, And Notice Of Entry Of Judgment - Vehicle Code Section 40220 40267 LACIV18509/2013YES
Request For Entry Of Judgment, Judgment, And Notice Of Entry Of Judgment - Welfare And Institutions Code Section 903 LACIV18409/2013YES
Request for Refund LACIV15001/2007YES
Stipulation - Discovery Resolution LACIV03604/2011YES
[Proposed] Stipulation to Continue Trial/FSC/ - PI courts LACIV24206/2014YES
Stipulation and Order to use Cert. Shorthand Reporter LACIV23605/2012YES
Stipulation and Order - Motions in Limine LACIV07504/2011YES
Stipulation - Early Organizational Meeting LACIV22904/2011YES
Stipulation and Order
RE: Release of Civil Exhibits
Stipulation For Civil Judgement LACIV22004/2009YES
Stipulation re Jury Trials LACIV16301/2007YES
VELS Coversheet LACIV23004/2011NO
Writ of Execution - Attachment 20 LACIV10109/2013YES
For a list of all Los Angeles Superior Court online forms in addition to Civil, go to the Forms section.